How To Look Chic AF Pre & Post Workout

How To Look Chic AF Pre & Post Workout

It’s not easy. But we have all ended up at brunch, running errands, or seeing an ex in our workout clothes. We already feel semi-gross yet high on endorphins and its squashed when your friend shows up to coffee looking cute and you just think to yourself, “aw crap, *eye roll*, I feel like a scrub.” But it does not have to be difficult to look acceptable and there are a couple tips that I follow to never really feel like this.

Ten years ago people were starting to look like slobs in New York, now it’s an epidemic.
— Iris Apfel


Let's face it, we drop $150+ on training shoes, $15 on barre socks, or $100+ on the latest sneakers with the most support so why would you wear them outside your place of sweat? I always, always, always, bring a change of shoes and I highly recommend it for (a) looking chic AF and (b) preserving the workout shoe. 

Stick with something simple and comfortable to go with those crazy patterned leggings. 

My go to: adidas Stan Smith


Since we are dabbing in the warmer months here in NYC the thinner the better. Make sure you bring along a cute sweater, or light bomber to make your outfit look more presentable.

Stick with something that won't absorb all your sweat and on that note, always remember to bring a change of shirt too.

My go to: Kith Danika Bomber


You can collect all the Lululemon Bags you want, but they are not cute nor do they hold everything you need. Do they have a purpose, yes? To contain your dirty gym clothes inside your bigger tote or backback. Instantly this creates a cleaner look.

Stick with something neutral in color and thats sturdy. Don't underestimate the weight of dirty workout clothes.

My go to: TBR 'Ani' Black Leather tote

(I am a brand ambassador, & would love to hook you up, drop me a line if you are interested!)


Depending on where you workout, or where you are going you probably don't have much time or access to a sink. But post workout should be a quick face wash, curl lashes, mascara, fix the brows, lip balm and primer to take any grease away.

I am not the go to person on makeup however, blinc mascara does not run so you can wear it while you workout too. It applies like a tube on your lashes so to remove all you need is warm water and reapply after your workout.

My go to: Sephora since they have all of my favorites


This does not need too much explanation (I hope), because the simple Ballerina bun is the perfect way to hid your mess of a hair. 


stay sweaty. stay chic.

My #1 Sweat Reset: When you feel like you need to get in shape to workout, or the opposite.

My #1 Sweat Reset: When you feel like you need to get in shape to workout, or the opposite.

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