Marathon 101

Marathon 101

So you've decided to do a marathon, yay, get ready to sit down and organize your life for the next few months. I started by researching my ideal diet, training, goals, and setting expectations for myself. 


I used Hal Higdon for my primary training plan in combination with using ASICS target marathon to look at what my training should look like time wise. 

I saw down at my computer and with an old school monthly calendar and wrote down my workouts for each day. My google calendar is what I use  to know what to do, but having a physical calendar with a marker that I can cross off each workout helps me mentally. 

My schedule gives me rest days on Friday, Long runs on Sunday and I do Thursday or Tuesday hill workouts. in between it varies from 3-9 miles. I joined the L Street Running Club in Southie to have a group to do long runs with, and they are pretty OG. Tuesday and/or Thursday I choose to do a Nike workout or class with Barrys Bootcamp, Heartbreak Hill or Mystryde.  I use these classes to push my incline and pace.

Even though Fridays are my rest days I take a Bikram Yoga class, and try to get in another class any other day.  I loooovvve Bikram, I can't say it enough but let's just say it's been hard to get back into. Since the class is about 105 degrees, your likely to push yourself to stretch far beyond what you normally do. This makes you sore, trust me, so I've taken that into consideration and am not going as deep into certain stretches as I used to.


My diet consists of a balance in fat, protein, fruit and the least amount of sugar as possible. 

Water - I noticed the first week or so that I was dehydrated and could feel my legs tense up, a lot. My sister gave me a water bottle and I take it with me everywhere. I also try and get as much water in the morning. After that the day is unpredictable, so drinking a ton of water while doing errands, running around the city, working, is not ideal is a bathroom is not around.

Pre and Post Workout Food - before I run, I try and stick to fruit until noon daily. So I drink black coffee, and have a banana and blackberries if I didn't go to bed on a full stomach. My runs are usually in the morning, so it's typically 2 cups of coffee and 2 glasses of water before I run.


Post workout I stick with a teaspoon of peanut butter and 1/4 cup granola if I know I'll be eating a full meal in the next 2 hours. If my next meal is also my post workout meal I go grilled chicken, 2 eggs, brown rice and a couple veggies.

Dinner I'll be honest I'm still figuring out, Sometimes I don't have time to prep something,  My schedule changes on the daily so it's a bit tough. 

Detox Tea - is my jam. Every night I have a cup before I go to bed. I've been doing it on and off for a couple years now. But a month into doing it every night you can feel a big difference.

Weight - I don't weigh myself regularly, I don't necessarily think it's the best way to measure fitness but I do believe that if I want to run fast I need to be light. I did a ton of research to look at my ideal weight for a runner my size, so ideally I have about 15lbs to lose. Aside from that I took measurements of my arms, legs, waist, hips, etc and set time in my calendar to reassess every 2 weeks. 

Mental state

I'm naturally in my own head, about everything. I don't overlook anything.  I am coming into thinking that if I train everyday as hard as I possibly can, what will I be like in approx 100 days? Golden, I tell myself.  The nutrition and training is a bunch of little changes, and actions rolled into one success or half ass failure. That means, no mile goes undone, and no food choice goes unnoticed. If I want to accomplish something really great, I have to have the discipline behind it to support what I want to do. I

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift
— Pre

I love this, I think that we are all given talents, gifts, blessings, and to waste them, is insulting your creator. Little deep, but I'm honest. So many things are out of our reach because we don't have a certain talent. So use the talents you do have 110%. Pre was a runner who had guts, he gave it his everything. My mentality in my daily runs is to never end a run thinking I could have gone faster or harder. Push the talent, work hard and you won't regret anything. 

I also think about how lucky I am to be able to do this, in good health, in a positive environment, with supportive family and friends. I could have been born in a 3rd world country, where girls are mistreated, but no, I was born in this country with parents who told me I could do anything I wanted if I worked hard enough. Simple.

I say a prayer when I start and finish each run, thanking God for the chance to do this, for my body, for a clear mind, for strong arms and legs to push me, for healthy lungs to breath in the cold air, it's basically a free flowing conversation but any runner is blessed.

Road To Boston

Road To Boston