My #1 Sweat Reset: When you feel like you need to get in shape to workout, or the opposite.

My #1 Sweat Reset: When you feel like you need to get in shape to workout, or the opposite.

Whatever your fitness level, we’ve all had those moments in time when we fall off track, or workout so hard that our body starts to break-down… whether it be recovering from a gym drought that has lasted longer than you had planned, less frequent trips to the gym, too many trips to the gym, not drinking enough water, pure laziness, unmotivated, sweating less in those gym sessions, eating poorly, not getting enough sleep, hit a plateau or run straight into a wall.  

It comes at you fast. But, a lot of times you fall off one thing and everything seems to follow into a series of poor decisions after another. The snowball effect can quickly accelerate into a few unwanted pounds or into a slower pace… so how do you pick up the shovel and push those arising bad habits aside?

My advice since 2013 has remained the same. Find the nearest Bikram yoga studio and if you are in need of a serious restart commit to a 30-day challenge. There are few things that can challenge me emotionally and physically at this level and Bikram checks the boxes.

There is not much more daunting than going to the gym coming out of a lull, and in my opinion Bikram is the perfect dose of mental ass kicking to get your mind right and physically, your heart rate is up and I mean way up, for 90 minutes. 

Here are my reasons to kick start, or take a break with Bikram

1.    A ton of us kill ourselves with cross training like mad men, and don’t do the recovery stretching. This will rejuvenate you.

2.    The hydration game. A good diet starts with hydration, in my head, my ideal goal is to drink 100oz a day. When I am going to Bikram, I am typically doubling that amount, and that’s with no objection.

3.    Clean eating will be natural. There are plenty of times where I can feel my stomach in my throat from the postures alone. You will throw up if you are eating poorly. 

4.    Mental Awaken. If you found yourself in a rut – sitting on the couch or in your current workout routine, this will shake it. Same poses, different day: its impossible to hit a plateau, your body is changing everyday. Your mind needs to be prepared to tackle that part.

5.    It’ still a workout. It’s 105 degrees, it’s a mind, and body detox. And you can always sweat more, trust me.

6.    Sooner or later it will become your safe haven. During my 30 day challenge, I missed one day due to work stuff so the next day I did a double, no questions asked, not a flinch. I even still stayed in the hottest parts of the room. I remember that day because Joe Johnson, put his towel next to mine as I was about to start my 2nd class. I walked back in the studio and he clearly noticed I was still sweating from the first.

“Did you already take?” he asked

“Yep, I’m doing a double”, I said smiling.

“You’re crazy” and he picked up his towel to move to a cooler spot of the room.

I actually craved it at that point - the sweat, the push and the excuse to not look at my phone for 90 minutes. So, yes slightly crazy, but everything was starting to fall into place. Cleaner diet, more water, no drinking, better sleep, and physically I was shedding a few pounds and getting my endurance up.

So whether you need a break/stretching rehab, or a place to ease your way back into full blown HIIT workouts with a mental check, I assure you, you may want to quit all 90 minutes but after a week, your mind will be right, with a lean body to follow.

I recommend:

Bikram Yoga NYC

The Yoga Loft Tribeca



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