Ladies, 3 Sneaker Stores That Will Have Your Size

Ladies, 3 Sneaker Stores That Will Have Your Size

"The smallest size we have is a 10"

As a fellow lady sneakerhead, I can't tell you the amount of times I walk into a sneaker store only to walk out empty handed...However, there are a couple hidden treasures in NYC that it has never happened. 

1. Concepts NYC

You may feel like you are about to walk into the Holland Tunnel, but 3 streets shy of the Hudson is the extension of Concepts Boston store.

And, yes the walk is worth the trouble, since not many people make the trek, you are more than likely to find your size. Remember when RIhanna's Creepers dropped and they were sold out everywhere? I tried them on in every colorway. 

After, you might as well explore the hood and grab some food at my personal fav,  Estancia 460. 


2. WEST 147

You know how you will walk downtown and see a million people waiting in line at Kith, Supreme, etc. well I think the longest line I've seen outside of West 147 is about 5 people. It's the perfect location since, there are plenty of places downtown and uptown. You know what this means right? A surplus of sizes for us.

This shop also has a serious running following as the past 3 years it was home base for Resident Runners Thursday night group runs who have now taken their route to the Under Armor HQ in SoHo. So regardless of the change they still do a great job of merchandising the store with streetwear and running shoes.

While you are in the hood, walk across the street to the tiny, itty bitty coffee spot, Box Kite to grab a hot beverage and DOUGH donut.


3. Extra Butter

Okay, had to give a shoutout to a store that not only do they have stocked sizes but also some of the best customer support I have received. Yes, I take note on these things.

Located in the ciy's les so you can hang out all day in the hood. After you can walk on over to the Mexican gem, Barrio Chino, to forget how much money you just dropped on kicks with the Grapefruit Margarita.


Any luck elsewhere? Drop a line on your go to spots.

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